Donnerstag, 17. September 2015

DatingFactory acquired by Agile Wings

DatingFactory acquired by Agile Wings

Agile Wings is the new owner of DatingFactory - a while label dating site service provider.

The new owners are said to bring their technology resources, marketing knowledge and years of experience to improve and continue to grow the Dating Factory White Label platform.

Agile Wings promises a better performing product,  higher return on investment and long term growth...

So far the main problem with running dating sites on DatingFactory was: it was almost impossible to make any money with it: conversion to finally paying members was extremely low and advertising costs extremely high. Even without paying a big part as an affiliate fee to a dating site provider, it is a tough challenge to make money in the dating field with a subscription based model as costs-per click go up to several GBP / Euros / USD per click.Only a few "clicks" convert to registered members and of those a small fraction are willing to pay. A big part of those paying (most male) members on paid dating sites in general, often finds out there is actually almost no female members apart from spammers/scammers or fake profiles and want a refund which leads to expensive backcharges....

So even when you can keep 100% of the revenue only very few companies manage to reach the break-even or even make money. Imagine you pay 50% ot 70% comission? Almost impossible to make money as client of a white-label network.

Also thousands of webmasters never reach the minimum payout - so the whitelabel provider never has to pay the commission.

At least white-label providers will always profit - they generate new signups and members to their database and often never have to pay for those signups as webmasters never reach minium payout or as members never convert to paying members or only after a very long time - or lead to other people signing up who will convert to paying members which the system would never find out.

Tanya Fathers  will continue in the position of the company CEO and work on the further growth strategy for the business and Lisa Moskotova will continue as COO.

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