Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Fat, lazy, poor sick guys with stds...get plenty of dates on ?

According to a recent BBC coverage, John Hempton of Bronte Capital, has revealed how even fat, lazy and poor guys with stds get many messages from beautiful women on a dating site called
He made his profile - headed "Fat, lazy, poor sick guy wants support" - as unpleasant as possible, including saying he suffered from a sexually transmitted disease, to see what sort of reaction he would get on the site.
"Strangely and almost immediately a fair few age-appropriate and good-looking women want to talk to my false profile. Girls I could not get normally I think," Mr Hempton said on his blog
I personaly, was not inbox was spammed by messages like "you have mail" - not only or other cupid plc dating sites, but also dating sites like or basically any other dating site that charges membership fees.

There is one thing though, the BBC got wrong:
One of UK's biggest online dating providers has seen its shares fall by more than half after announcing an audit into the way it operates
To me this was not due to this, but rather as bosses from Cupid plc and other insiders or investors might have sold their stocks before the shares are worthless:

The funniest reaction from Cupid Plc was:

It also said it had commissioned an independent audit by one of the "big four accounting firms".
How ridicilous is this? Everyone knows what they are doing - and independent audit? Are they turning this "feature" now off for a a couple of days until the independent audit is over???
I have the strange feeling Cupid Plc might end like smartdate....and vanish in the not too distant future.

Update: Also check out this BBC Article here: