Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012 still in reverse-gear? still seems to be loosing active members and / or traffic:

But maybe this is only due to not being able to track mobile traffic? However, if this was the case, other sites would suffer as well and then Alexa would stay the same?

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Why has died?

I just wanted to check out whether Smartdate has changed their design or added some new stuff - but was not accesible.

Looking at, it looks like the site has died?

I wonder what has happened their?

(a) they were making big losses and they didnt receive any more money
(b) they fired some technical guy who was pissed of at getting sacked and let the site die?

Update: Yes, it has! Check the blog of Fabrice Le Parc:

Can I have the domain name please? ;-)

Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Dating traffic over XMas and NYE

Internet traffic - especially for a specific niche - such as dating sites, have similiar usage patterns over time.

Over christmas, traffic goes down - shortly after christmas (27th) traffic goes up - higher then before christmas as people need to "catch up".

Especially before New Year's Eve - many singles are looking for a date to celeberate the new year and traffic on dating sites goes up.

This year, I could also observe that the mobile traffic and tablet traffic was increasing after xmas - probably as many people received a tablet pc or a mobile phone as a xmas gift. - will it eclipse Facebook? Definitely not...

Just read a really weird article with the title:

Dating website Badoo is on the rise; will it eclipse Facebook?

Looking at Alexa the graphs show what I have expected - Badoo is nothing compared to Facebook:

Also its traffic did not grow - it even goes down in the long-term - with only a temporary "uprise" probably due to spending the remaining advertising budget in the end-of-year rallye:

I guess they have release a press release and someone was stupid enough to believe in this and wrote and article about this - or even got paid for it?