Samstag, 11. Juni 2016

#Lovoo: 200 policement raided lovoo offices with machine guns

Last wednesday (June, 8th 2016) there was a large-scale raid on Lovoo office as well as on the homes of employees. Company bosses of the popular dating app could be jailed for 10 years.

Last Wednesday, 16 objects were raided at the same time of a large group of police officers (~200) in Dresden, Berlin and several private homes of employees.

It seems like a clear betrayal of its cutomers: fake profiles and fake messages were sent in order to increase in-app purchases inside Lovoos dating app.

It sounds pretty much the same as what "Cupid" did according to a BBC coverage in the past.

To be honest, most successful dating apps seem to do this. Recently I tested Badoos dating app - and even without uploading a picture, after 10 minutes, 5 models wanted to get to know me. How odd. 

Both company directory Benjamin Bak (CEO) and Alexander Friede (COO) need to stay in prison for now due to  danger of flight.
Chances to get compensation

All customers who paid money to Lovoo in the past have good chances of getting a financial compensation. However, they need to file an official report at the police.
Already last autumn, a "whistelblower" told German media - what everyone already know - but with a lot of details and for example that Lovoo called their female employees  "Promo bitches".
Around 50 GB of internal documents leaked and were handed-over to the police.

Most people probably have not expected such a large-scale police raid to Lovoo's offices as a lot f dating apps and websites are known for such activities - and so far no legal actionever git the ccompanies.

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