Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Whitelabel Dating business is blooming....

The harder it gets to make money with a pay-site, the more interesting it becomes to offer white label dating sites: you just provide the technical infrastructure and don't have to think about advertising costs and conversions - it is not your business, it is the customers problem. You do not need to care whether they even make money, as long as you have enough webmasters who pump traffic to your central database.

The following companies currently offer white label dating sites:

- with

And in Germany:

- (former:
- (from the people who run, once a popular dating site)

And the French have: (also for English speaking countries)

The big question is:

- who offers the best conversions / earnings per visitor ?

Also a decisive factor is: how much time & money (or nerves) does it cost to reach a professional looking dating site? Is it a professional design by default or is the default theme a piece of crap?

Other things that should be considered:

- does it advertise other dating sites when mails are sent to "your" users?
- is the usability and design already optimized for maximum signups and user retention?
- is it also usable from a mobile phone?

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  1. this is very interesting..
    a lot of list of white dating sites are
    - with

    a list of germany and french also given...