Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012 was aquired by Global Personals Ltd!

The UK dating site and its parent company WooWise  has been aquired by Global Personals Ltd.

The Windsor-based company which was launched in 2003 powers over 7,500 dating websites globally for 1,500 partners and an annual revenue of £36million.

Global Personals Ltd will now be running the site on its white label platform and integrate it into its landscape.

Many dating sites have been aquired by bigger companies in the last months - also from Cupid PLC for example.

Compared to a couple of years ago, many of the top 50 dating sites now run on only a small number of platforms as a kind of white label site (i.e. a single database and many different domain names with slightly different templates point to it).

Usually big dating sites buy competitors, merge the sites with their own sites - and a couple of years later management often decides to let some small sites die and only focus on the most promising dating sites in future.

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