Montag, 4. August 2014

Signup conversion rates for dating sites

What are typical signup conversion rates or dating sites?

Free dating sites - have on average a signup conversion rate of around 3,5% on average.
This means from 100 new visitors, around 3,5% signup on average.

This sometimes also includes pay-sites as they do appear as if they were free.

What are typical free-to-pay conversion rates or dating sites?

The ratio of how many free members will convert to a paying member varies a lot. A good rate would be however something around 7%. It really depends on your website, the campaign, the target group country - and last but not least month / day and even time of the day.

What is really important to know: you can not directly make money on a dating site with an advertising campaign. You need to be patient and wait for a long time until you reach the break-even. On average it can take around 100 days for a member to pay enough fees until you covered the initial signup costs.

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