Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

Dating Factory is handed-over from Caerus AG to Tyche Technologies AG

Some news from Whitelabel dating sites provider "Dating Factory":

Dating Factory business will no longer be run by Caerus AG but a newly formed company called Tyche Technologies AG in Switzerland(Zug).

Tanya Fathers continues as CEO.

This takes into effect from June 1st 2014.

Tyche Technologies AG takes over all rights and obligations out of the  existing contracts.

Why this is happening?

Nobody knows ....

Dienstag, 22. Juli 2014

Why all whitelabel dating site providers suck

The idea sounds nice: Run a dating site without writing your own code and without running a server yourself - and get loads of members right from the start.

The theory is good - in reality, things are a bit more disappointing...

The main reasons, why you should think about buying a dating site script (at the beginning to see how it goes)- or write your own dating site (maybe at a later stage) are the following:

  • the default template provided suck - they do not meet todays requirements and most of them are not even responsive
  • in the footer, you often find disturbing and seo-damaging "mandatory" backlinks to the dating site provider (e.g. datingfactory) or other links you dont want to have
  • you have the same site as thousands of competitors and hardly a way or feature to "stand up" from the growd
  • if you took the time to implement your own templates (if possible after all) - you might find them later in a similiar fashion offered to all other dating site users
  • "up to" 65% revenue share sounds great - but it is "revenue share" not "gains share". You don't have to pay for development or hosting - but major factor is advertising costs - not development or hosting. What happens if you spend 1000 USD on advertising? Maybe 500 USD convert and you receive maybe 250 USD "revenue share" - but the dating site provider profits most: his own database of members grows and also all other sites of the network profit - but you only get paid for your conversions - not indirect conversions due to more female members or more activity on a site.
  • it is hard enough to make more money then you spend on advertising with a dating site - and it takes a long time until you reach the break even as not all members convert directly. But if you share the revenue, it is almost impossible to profit. This only works if you have "free" traffic - but then you should think about doing it yourself (depends on the traffic level of course)
  • you can only make money with a whitelabel dating site - if you run the white label dating sites network yourself -> then thousands of webmasters work for you - and you dont have any expenses for advertising - but profit on all the good marketing ideas your customs come up with.